Launch Logic provides the world’s best water slide dispatch control and mat racer timing systems for the Waterpark Industry!

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Red Light / Green Light Dispatch System

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  • Improve guard effectiveness and increase dispatch rates.

  • Incorporates advanced sensor technology, waterslide dispatch control and rider counters.

  • Easily customizable to a variety of water park applications and unique water slide requirements.

  • Dispatch system will help your water park maintain a smooth flow of riders.

  • Easy to install, user-friendly to operate and very durable.

Multi-Lane Racer Timing System

  • Race other patrons on adjacent slides by timing individual riders start to finish.

  • Red X and Green Arrow Lights above each rider’s lane at the start of the ride.

  • When the race starts, timers on the timing boards at the end of the ride will start counting up from zero.

  • When riders pass sensors at the end of the ride, timers will stop and display the each individual time and position.

Ride Timing System 

  • Start and Finish tones along with visual countdown timer.

  • Fully automated time keeping for any “time-based” ride.

  • User defined dwell time between starts, or operator-controlled start/stop.

  • Wireless Start / End option available.

Launch Logic was established in 2008 for the sole purpose of providing a highly reliable solution for water slide dispatch control.

Through a combined 30 years of experience working in and around water parks, the founders recognized the industries need for a reliable solution to dispatch control.

Since that time Launch Logic has provided hundreds of Red Light / Green Light systems to water parks all over the world, and has transferred that same commitment to high quality, reliable equipment to Multi-Lane Racer systems, and Ride Timing Systems.

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